Woman Nearly Burns Down Home After Attempting To Kill Spider With Burning Towels. Must Have Seemed Legit To Her At Some Point?

Kansas woman spider

Back in 2014, a woman from Hutchinson, Kansas, named Ginny M. Griffith, set fire to her duplex during an attempt to kill a spider.

Kansas woman burns duplex

She used a lighter to light a few towels and hoped to burn the spider with them. The attempt resulted in a fire that required firefighters to intervene and as many as five units were called in to save the situation.

Kansas spider assassination by fire

The fact that she was arrested and charged with aggravated arson stemmed from the fact that, when the blaze started, the other half of the duplex was occupied. Despite the building having suffered only minor smoke damage, no one was injured in the fire. However, it remains unclear if she managed to actually kill the arachnid.