Meet The Italian Vampire Couple That Drink Each Other’s Blood To Show Commitment


So, how do you express your love to your spouse?

Meet Dennis Alberto and Ilaria. A young couple from Italy who met each other about three years ago. At first glance, they look like a perfectly normal couple. Except, they’re not. The bizarre couple shows their love for each other by drinking each other’s blood (yes, you read it right).

For them, drinking the blood of a partner is a legitimate way to preserve/renew their love for one another. They do this by pumping blood from a sterile syringe and drinking it from a test tube. If that is not enough, the couple also decided they wanted to transplant fangs for each other, probably to complete the whole vampire resemblance fantasy.

Bonus fact: Ilaria drinks more of Dennis’s blood because Dennis claims he does not want to harm her body.