In U.S. Jails You Can Win Your Freedom By Surviving The Rock’s 4-Month-Long Boot Camp Program

Boot camp

We all make mistakes, right? Sure, some of us make small ones, others end up with medium-sized ones, and then there are those who really go off the rails. Seriously hurting someone, taking  a life, committing theft – these are all actions punishable by law. After all, they don’t say, “You do the crime, you pay the time” for no reason.

When one does something that gets them sentenced to jail time in the court of law, they get sent off to – you’ve guessed it – jail. Surprisingly enough, it would seem that much of jail life is in really just as it appears in movies. There really are sections, clans, secret deals and plain nut-jobs on every corner. However, not everything is as bad as it sounds.

Boot camp

Throughout US prisons, there is a special program called “Boot Camp” that allows young people up to the age of 24 who have spent more than 6 months in jail to be released and have their freedom back. There are many young offenders who received 10/20/30/60-year sentences and even life imprisonment. But, they are able to undergo an arduous journey of four months of extreme training. They are released from prison if they complete the course successfully.

During this rigorous training, they experience physical trials that the marines experience during their career journey. Mental abuse, starvation, solitary confinement, exhausting physical training, lack of sleep, contemptuous attitude and many punishments become significant parts of their daily lives.

Boot camp

Many inmates drop out during Boot Camp and prefer to give up their second chance at freedom. They do this to go back to prison for several laidback decades instead of enduring the four month-long hell. However, according to the statistics, an astounding rate of the graduates of this training never return behind bars.

Interesting fact: Hollywood A-lister Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson accompanies and finances this program.