Trouble Waking Up In The Morning? The “High Voltage Ejector Bed” Is Here To Help

Colin Furze Ejector bed

You probably know the old saying, “the early bird catches the worm.” After all, how could you not, when it’s the motto of parents around the world who are struggling to get their children to get up for school in the morning. However, kids aren’t the only ones struggling with getting enough sleep.

High Voltage Ejector Bed

Many grown ups, as well, have trouble waking up for work in the morning. Now, this is not a new problem – people have been trying to find an effective solution for it for decades. The thing is, the best advice scientists seem to offer to folks is – go to bed earlier in the evening. Well, duh!

Ejector bed

But, the thing is – we all want to have fun at night, be it a night out with friends or a simple movie & some popcorn. Well, that’s where this guy comes in. Inspired by people who have trouble getting up in the morning, plumber Colin Furze decided to invent a bed called “The High Voltage Ejector Bed” that throws you out of bed when the alarm clock fires up.

What can we say to something like this, except “shut up and take my money!”