Did You Know Swans Can Die Of A Broken Heart If Their Partner Dies?


We humans often think we are the most evolved creatures on the face of the planet. In fact, we think that because we’re the most intelligent, we’re also at the top of every other classification we can imagine. However, that’s not always the case.

As it happens, not only are we not on top of everything; we’re actually the worst thing to happen to this planet in history. Just look at what’s happening to it because of us. We’re destroying our home, the very ground we’re standing on.

lifelong partners

What’s more, things are not that perfect when it comes to love, either. Divorce rates are on the rise throughout the world, especially in first world countries. It would seem that finding partners and, more importantly, managing to have long-lasting relationships with them is something we’re also not good at. Well, some of us, at least.

On the other hand, swans have only one lifelong partner. In addition to being lovely and particularly graceful animals, they are also hugely loyal. As a matter of fact, their love for their partners is so deep that if one of them dies, the other can die of a broken heart.

lifelong partners

Furthermore, the fact that they defend their young relentlessly is not that surprising, if we’re being honest. There are tons of species out there who do the same, humans included. But when it comes to swans mating for life, they’ve got one up on a lot of other animals.

If you ask the scientists, they’ll explain to you that romance has nothing to do with it. They’re “just maximizing the number of cygnets they can raise,” a scientist would likely say. Well, that might be so, be there’s just something about admiring such devotion to another being. Many of us take loyalty too lightly. We humans could really learn a lot from these graceful animals.