Would You Pour Hydrochloric Acid On Someone You Dislike? That’s What Happened To Black Protesters In 1964 At A St. Augustine Motel

Hydrochloric acid

53 years ago, black and white protesters arrived at a motel in the city of St. Augustine, Florida. The reason for their arrival was that earlier, Martin Luther King and his colleagues, in the struggle for the rights of blacks, were not allowed into the restaurant of the motel, which was defined as a restaurant for whites only.

Hydrochloric acid

The demonstrators jumped together in the motel’s pool in protest against racial segregation. In response to their act, the manager poured acid into the water while they were swimming in a failed attempt to drive them out. This shocking act was captured on camera and became one of the most recognizable images of the struggle against discrimination against black people in the United States.

Hydrochloric acid

The photo of the motel manager trying to burn the exposed skin of the demonstrators with hydrochloric acid was broadcast around the world and ultimately gave an additional push to the important milestone of 1964 – the Civil Rights Act that abolished racial discrimination in the United States.


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