Solving A Rubik’s Cube Is Frustrating? You Must Be Happy To Hear About The Easier 1x1x1 Cube

Rubik's Cube

The thing about puzzles is, they can be as tricky to solve as they are interesting. Luck would have it that many puzzles are designed to not only occupy one’s attention, but also develop their brain skills. Perhaps one of the most famous examples of mind-boggling puzzles around is the Rubik’s Cube.

This is one of those trinkets that you’ve surely heard about. Often made of plastic, it is a typical gift one gets for a birthday or some other occasion. It is based on math and is, therefore, very tricky at first. However, as with all types of skills, the more you practice, the better you’ll become at solving it.

Rubik's Cube

The typical Rubik’s Cube has 6 sides, with each side being divided into three subsections. Each of these subsections is of a different color, and you are able to rotate the subsections one after the other, each on a separate axis. This opens the way for a number of different combinations of colors, and the end goal is to make sure each side of the cube is only home to one color. In other words, it is your job to make sure the subsections on each side of the cube are all of the same color.

If you tried to solve the Rubik’s Cube and despaired, you will surely be pleased to hear that there is one of 1X1X1 size that can be solved a little more easily than the usual 3X3X3 cube. The 1X1X1 cube contains six colors as a standard cube, and there are several ways to solve it. You can find the 1X1X1 cube in stores and, of course, online.

Rubik's Cubev

There are many ways to solve the cube that are designed for both beginners and advanced. If you don’t feel like learning how to solve it the old-fashioned way, you can always look for instructions. Because of its popularity, there are tons of tutorials and instructions for solving the puzzle online. However, if you really want to become a master when it comes to solving the cube quickly, it pays off to practice the way it was designed to train users.