Zoo Racism? Qizai Is The Only Brown Panda In The World; He’s Suffered A Lot, But Is Today A Celebrity


We all like pandas, right? They are an endangered species and, therefore, must be protected. However, that’s easier said than done. In addition to being rare and endangered, they other qualities that separate them from all other bears. Their black and white fur aside, they are absolutely adorable and goofy. However, sometimes they can also be cruel.


The life of the brown panda bear named Qizai was never easy. Qizai’s mother abandoned him at the age of two months due to his strange appearance and later on, he had to deal with the bullying of other pandas who would steal his food and abandon him because of his brown color.


As of today, Qizai is seven years old and is in a nature preserve in China. He is receiving dedicated care. From a rejected panda, he became a celebrity because he is the only panda bear in the world with brown fur.


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