Did You Know The Biggest Penis In The World Is 48 CM Long?!

biggest penis

Roberto Cabrera, a 54-year-old Mexican, holds the title of the man with the biggest penis in the world. However, as they say, be careful what you wish for.

His penis weighs a pound, and reaches a length of about forty-eight centimetres. In fact, the size is so great that Roberto has difficulties walking, and is unable to work. Therefore, he is categorized as handicapped by the government and receives subsidised meals.

Roberto Cabrera
However, Roberto wants to retain the much-desired title and, therefore, despite the pain and difficulty, refuses to undergo surgery to reduce his penis. Every man out there reading these lines needs to ask themselves – would you make the same choice?

Roberto Cabrera

The situation complicates further when one considers the likely difficulties Roberto experiences when it comes to his love life. The same considerations also apply to all men out there who wish for a similar “handicap.” But, then again, if your partners are okay with it, why not? As long as you’re happy and…satisfied.