Do You Feel The Urge To Clean Your Notifications 24/7? It’s Not OCD-You’re Just Addicted To Dopamine


Can’t stand looking at notifications on new updates, messages or emails? Feel the need to “clean” them up all the time and have a clear screen? Here’s the thing: it’s not your fault – you’re just addicted to dopamine.

The physiological pleasure of “completing tasks” is a fact. Completing tasks or marking them as completed (i.e. using a checkbox in a to-do list) makes us feel great – really, genuinely great.

This is because every time we recognize a task or project as completed, the brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for generating feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, and happiness. This release of dopamine not only makes us feel good instantly, but also motivates us to continue completing tasks and prolong the sense of pleasure it produces (quite similar to an addiction, you’ll notice).


Dopamine plays an important role in everything related to motivation. In other words, dopamine has an effect on us even before we feel pleasure. Its true function is to encourage us to act, both to achieve something good and avoid something bad.


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