Man Eliminates OCD Symptoms By Shooting Himself In The Head. He Survived And It Actually Worked


Back in 1988, a mentally ill person known in medical reports and media only as “George,” shot himself in the head in a suicide attempt. Prior to attempting suicide, he had suffered from a severe case of OCD that apparently affected his daily life to the point where he would wash his hand hundreds of times during the day and even take frequent showers daily.

OCD cycle

Strangely, as reported by the British Journal of Psychiatry and the Physician’s Weekly, the caliber .22 bullet had destroyed the part of his brain responsible for his compulsive behavior without causing any other brain damage.¬†The young man said that his mother openly approved his thoughts that, if his life was so bad, he should shoot himself and put and end to his misery. One day he went to the cellar, put a .22 caliber rifle in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

Even though he survived the attempted suicide, surgeons managed to remove the bullet from his skull; however, they failed to remove all the pieces. Luckily, after the surgery, doctors at the hospital were baffled by the absence of his OCD symptoms; what confused them even more was the fact that¬†George hadn’t suffered any changes to his intellect.

different bullet calibers

Upon being released from the hospital, he went back to school and ultimately finished college with the same success he had in school before his compulsions had started to make his life a living hell. George had, practically, cured himself via suicide. How bizarre is that?!


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