If You Had To, Would You Operate On Yourself Like Dr. Leonid Rogozov Did In 1961?!

Leonid Rogozov

Between 1960 and 1962, Dr. Leonid Ivanovich Rogozov was on a research mission in Antarctica as the only physician. On April 29, 1961, Dr. Rogozov began to feel weak, nauseated, and feverish. Later, pain also developed in the lower right abdomen. Within a day, his condition deteriorated and the treatment that he took was not helpful.

Leonid Rogozov

Following the worsening of the symptoms, Dr. Rogozov realized that he was suffering from appendicitis.
Coincidentally, since there was a strong storm at the time, no aircraft could land at the compound. Therefore, Leonid Rogozov had to operate on himself! It ended up being a two-hour-long procedure with the help of two team members who held a mirror and surgical instruments.

Leonid Rogozov
The surgery was successful and Rogozov returned to regular activity within two weeks. You can say a lot of things about the Soviets, but they really were men of steel. Actually, a man’s character has nothing to do with his nationality, but nevertheless – how many of us would operate on ourselves willingly? Props to Dr. Leonid Rogozov for his skill and courage.