How Much Do You Think A Kidney Fetches Up On The Black Market? You’d Be Surprised

Donor kidney

Surely you’ve heard of the famous sentence “It’s so expensive that you’d have to sell a kidney for it.” Not only is this is a well-known way to point out something is ridiculously costly, but it also works both ways. What we mean by that is that the sentence also implies that kidneys are, for some reason, incredibly pricey. Have you ever wondered if there was any truth to that? In other words, how much does a kidney really cost and is it worth selling?

donor kidney

Well, we asked that question just the other day. We also decided to see what we could learn about it and we came up with a very interesting piece of information. Namely, the average price of a donor kidney of a healthy young person is no less than roughly $50,000*. What’s even more bizarre, that’s somewhere around the bottom range.

So, what is it that makes a donor kidney so valuable? Well, it is likely that, like with any commodity, there’s a high demand for them. Seeing how they’re not manufactured in factories (yet), there’s also a shortage of supply. Hence, those in need of a new one are stuck with donor waiting lists. Also similarly to many other goods and services, the black market is more than happy to oblige in these situations, at least when it comes to those who can afford such prices.

donor kidney

Interesting fact no. 1: when someone is born with a kidney that does not function, the second kidney goes through a process of accelerated development in which it grows beyond a normal kidney size in order to compensate for the one that’s not working.

Interesting fact no. 2: A person who donates their kidney is recognized in many countries of the world as having a disability and is entitled to compensation from the state in the form of tax breaks, free health insurance and more.

** Organ trafficking is illegal. Price refers to illegal sale (black market).
(This post was not intended to promote the sale of kidneys; only to shed light on the subject.)