John Harrison Donated Blood More Than 1,000 Times And Saved 2M Lives!

James Harrison

Being human certainly has its perks. One might feel content with the fact that we are the most intelligent beings on the planet at the moment. That’s not all – because of our evolutionary heritage, we have also developed a good immune system. It does the job pretty well, as it manages to cope with most diseases and infections. However, it’s far from perfect.

There are still countless dangers out there for humans. Despite our intelligence, we have yet to find cures for all of them. Some come from nature, other have evolved from ourselves. However, another thing that makes us unique when compared to other life forms is our interrelationships. We have used our intelligence to help many members of our species.

James Harrison

A particularly notable example of that is a man named James Harrison. What makes him specific is the fact that his blood contains a rare anti-gene that can cure a disease called Rhesus disease. He has donated blood more than 1,000 times and saved close to 2 million people. Harrison is a hero in anyone’s book and a true example of how being unique doesn’t have to be used to make money. Saving lives is incredibly rewarding.

In fact, he is so crucial for treating Rhesus disease that he has been nicknamed the Man With The Golden Blood. The timely Australian was born in 1936, making him 81 years of age. We wonder what it must be like to live to such an age knowing you’ve saved the population of a mid-sized city.

James Harrison

The reason why the hero named John Harrison chose to donate blood so often throughout his life is certainly understandable. He underwent major chest surgery at the age of 14 and required a whopping 13 liters (3.4 US gallon/2.9 imperial gallon) of blood. Having spent no less than three full months recovering from the procedure, he realized that the blood transfusion was crucial. In other words, he wouldn’t have survived the procedure otherwise. He then waited to be of legal age before he could donate blood and went on to save countless unborn babies, including his own daughter.