International Math Team Finds “Shortest” (24,500 km) Route To Visit Every Pub In UK

All the pubs in the UK

Do you like beer? If you’ve maybe thought about having a pint or 15 at every single pub in the United Kingdom in the shortest possible time, you’re in luck. By the way, if you haven’t – it’s about time!


A group of researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada spent two years solving this mathematical problem and found the most efficient route to allow beer lovers to visit every single one of the 24,727 pubs (listed on the Pubs Galore site) in the United Kingdom by following the shortest route possible.

Google maps

The result is an approximately 45,455 km circular tour (longer than the Equator!), displayed on a detailed, interactive Google map. Tag your beer-loving friends who would be happy to explore this route!