In Germany, There Is An Anti-Stress Hotline People Can Call And Swear Their Frustrations Away

man yelling at phone

You come back from another long and arduous day of work, you’re feeling especially tired and nervous, and usually you tend to lash out on everyone around you at home, right? We’ve all been there. It’s completely natural to feel that way.

woman yelling at phone

However, Germans don’t have such a problem.┬áIn Germany there is a hotline called “Schimpf-los” (in English – Swear Away). It was invented by two German businessmen in order to enable frustrated people to unload all their tensions and reach a peaceful and calm state.


Virtually anyone can call the hot line (open 24/7) and scream, argue or flat out curse until they feel better and eventually calm down. What’s more, the operators answering the calls also sometimes increase the tension by further provoking the already frustrated or upset callers. This is done in order to create a more complete discharge of negative feelings. Talk about a proactive approach to stress, right?


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