In 1998, A Couple Was Mysteriously Stranded In The Ocean After A Dive Boat Left Them Behind

Tom Eileen Lonergan

In 1998, a young couple who set out on a diving expedition in Australia’s Coral Sea was mistakenly stranded. The boat that led the group to the dive site left before the couple returned from the water. Neither the crew nor the passengers noticed that the two had not returned to the deck.

Diving nightmare

Two days later it was discovered that the pair was missing after a bag containing their belongings was found on the dive boat. After realizing that the two were missing, an extensive search was carried out for about three days, during which some of the diving equipment thought to have belonged to the couple was found, but their bodies were never located.

Open Water movie

Bonus fact: In 2003, the film “Open Water” premiered; it tells the story of the unfortunate couple.