Love Horses? The Icelandic Flying Horse Has Something No Other Breed Has

Icelandic flying horse

The Icelandic flying horse is a breed of horses that originates in (you’ve guessed it) Iceland. It is a well-known breed, notable for its appearance, which often mistakenly resembles a pony rather than a horse. However, most registries classify the Icelandic as a horse.

Icelandic horse

It has a special galloping mode; when it is running, a foot on either side touches the ground. There are those who call this a form of “hovering” because of its similarity to the description of the galloping of the imaginary horse Pegasus from Greek mythology. The Flying Pace is considered fast and smooth and can reach a speed of about 30 mph.

Icelandic horse

Bonus fact: In Iceland, the horse lives freely in any natural area and has no predators. Therefore, it has developed a pleasant and friendly temperament; it also has no fear of other animals or humans. The Icelandic flying horse seeks attention and its character is convenient for people and other species alike.