Genius? In 1914, Einstein Demanded His Wife Sign An Agreement Not To Speak To Him


Albert Einstein, the man who changed the face of history and physics in particular, had a strange approach to marriage. In 1914 (after 11 years of marriage), Einstein presented his first wife, Mileva Maric, with a list of conditions she had to agree with if he wanted to remain his wife.


The conditions included the following.
A. You need to make sure:
1. My clothes and laundry are neatly arranged.
2. I will receive my three meals regularly in my room.
3. My bedroom and study will remain clean and tidy, especially the table.
4. My writing will be subject to my exclusive use.

B. You will avoid any personal contact with me as long as it is not absolutely necessary for social reasons. In particular, you will give up on:
1. Sitting with me at home.
2. Departing or traveling with me.

C. You will note the following three things in your relationship with me:
1. Do not expect any intimate contact from me, and you will not approach me in any way.
2. Stop talking to me if I ask for it.
3. Get out of the room or study without protesting if I ask you to.

D. You will take it upon yourself not to show disrespect towards the children, whether in words or in behavior.


Surprisingly, Mileva agreed to the terms. However, it did not last more than a few months and she decided to leave Berlin and take their children to Zurich, far from Einstein. After five years of living apart, the couple decided to divorce. The divorce agreement said that if Einstein won the Nobel Prize, Mileva would get the money.

Bonus fact: After the divorce of the two, Einstein married none other than Elsa Einstein, his cousin.