This College Drop-Out Became Math Genius After Mugging

Jason Padgett

In 2002, Jason Padgett, then a 31-year-old salesman, went for a night out in his neighborhood pub. After leaving the pub, two robbers came up to him from behind and assaulted him. The robbers struck him in the head over and over until he collapsed and then stole his wallet. The bandits then again kicked him several times in the head.

Jason Padgett acquired savant

Jason dragged himself to the nearest hospital, where he was diagnosed with severe concussion, and after being given powerful painkillers, was released home. But what Jason did not know at the time was that he had changed forever. He had become, as a result of the violent blows to the head, a man with a totally different perception of reality.

It turns out that the blows Jason received “opened up” his mind, which made him begin to see the world as a collection of complex geometric patterns. Leaves of trees suddenly seemed to him like a collection of triangles connected to each other; running water appeared as rainbow light, and all the objects in his apartment became pixel patterns in a variety of shapes and colors.

Jason Padgett art

But that’s not all-Jason had also gained an amazing ability to accurately paint the patterns that kept showing in his head, and since he did not understand what he was drawing, he began to publish his work. Then, a¬†physicist who had accidentally met Jason via his drawings concluded that Jason Padgett had an intuitive understanding of fractals (repetitive shapes in infinite convergence), and encouraged him to acquire a mathematical education.

Jason, who had previously dropped out of college, began to study mathematics extensively. It is highly recommended to watch a 10-minute lecture by Jason Padgett at the TEDx conference, where he describes how he sees the world. Truly incredible.