How Bizarre Is It That Dolphins Chew On Puffer Fish To Get High?


What would you say if you were to find out that we humans aren’t the only beings on the planet to have discovered psychoactive substances, as it were? And get a load of this: it gets even better and, honestly, more bizarre.

We really don’t know how to best go about this, so we’ll just go ahead and say it: young dolphins like to get high. There it is. We said it and there’s no taking it back now. If you ask us, while it is bizarre, you kind of have to admit it’s kind of cool, as well.


Researchers have found that dolphins, especially in adolescence, like to suck on Abu Nafha fish, which makes them feel…well, high. Apparently, the dolphins enjoy catching them and passing the fish amongst themselves. At some point, they even begin staring at themselves and behaving strangely. The best part? They do this for hours on end. Essentially, they have a blast while doing this.

There are poisonous substances in the body of the Abu Nafha fish. As it happens, they are released when the fish feels danger. However, the trick is, these toxins have the ability to make you high – at the right dose, of course. And here’s the really mind-blowing part: the dolphins somehow know exactly the right dosage to enjoy and not die from the poison.


If you ask us, the real irony here is that there are millions of people struggling with an array of deadly addictions all over the planet. There are folks dying from these problems daily. On the other hand, dolphins seem to be having a blast. And we consider ourselves the most advanced life forms on the planet.