Why Do Dogs Get Stuck Together When Mating?


Have you ever seen a pair of dogs “glued” to each other and not understand why or how it happened? During mating, the male climbs the female and they engage in copulation. But, after the act is finished, the female contracts the muscles of the vagina and actually “locks” the penis of the dog inside.


The purpose of the lock is to increase the chances of fertilization; it is during this time that most of the sperm is inserted. After insemination, the male is actually trying to get off the female and break away, though his penis is still stuck inside her. Thanks to the flexibility of the organ, the dog sometimes manages to turn around. That is when they remain “glued” together for a period of time.


As a matter of fact, the dogs can be stuck like this for 20-30 minutes, and in some cases, a full hour. They tend to howl and sound like they’re in pain, but it is vital not to interfere or try to separate them. This is a natural phenomenon and they are released once the female’s muscles relax enough. Imagine, though, the disaster it we had to suffer the same fate?