Cleopatra Bathed In Milk; Have You Considered Bathing In Tea? Ti Tree Lake In Australia Is Where To Go If You Have

Ti Tree Lake AU

Ever wondered how it would feel to swim in tea? Well, apparently, you can find out for real. And it won’t require you to go to your local convenience store, buy a whole lot of tea bags and then make a bathtub full of tea. Luckily, nature is one step forward.

Ti Tree Lake

15 minutes south of Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, just across the road from the Broken Head beach, lies Ti Tree Lake, which boast numerous naturally grown Ti Trees. These unique trees make the water brownish-red. The lake is a sacred site for Aborigines and bathing in it is considered a luxury.

Ti Tree Lake Australia

Bonus fact: The water in the lake actually tastes like tea. Not to mention the whole experience is fun and relaxing.

Bonus fact 2: Byron Bay is a very fun, hippie town, also known as one of Australia’s best surfing destinations, and its lighthouse (Cape Byron) is the easternmost point on the mainland of Australia (that is, excluding islands).