Did You Know Centipedes Breed Without Having Sex? Imagine If Humans Did The Same


The thing about centipedes is, not everyone likes them. As a matter of fact, a lot of people get the urge to vomit at the mere thought of them. There’s just something about those creepy crawlers that makes them repulsive to some people.

However, regardless of their ew-iness, they are living creatures just like any other beings on this planet. And in addition to their unique and unmistakably characteristic appearance, there are many things about them that no other critter has or does.


For example, the way they breed is very characteristic of the species. Namely,  the male and female centipede do not have sex. One might ask how they procreate, then? Well, believe it or not, the male leaves his seed in a hidden place. Afterwards, he dances a dance to persuade the female to go looking for it! How cool is that?


Imagine if humans were like centipedes and if we had the same courtship rituals as they do. Can you picture yourself ejaculating at an undisclosed, secret location and then dancing in front of your partner to get them to go look for it? There’s really no way to be sure if that would work. But, at least such a practice would solve problems associated with infidelity, to say the least.