A Russian Father Kills Daughter’s Rapist In Court Seconds After Rapist Gets 5-Year Prison Sentence

throwing knives father

The father of a 14-year-old girl who was raped, killed the rapist in the courtroom after the sentencing. After the judge read the sentence – a five-year suspended sentence – the father stood up, and in three seconds launched three tactical throwing knives at the rapist; two of them hit the rapist directly in the heart. The defendant died on the spot and fell to the floor like a rag doll. The court guard did not have time to respond to the father’s actions.

The father reportedly said, “One tries to grow and cultivate a lovely, bright flower, and then one day someone comes along and destroys it mercilessly. How should one feel then?”

throwing knives father

Regarding his actions, the father also revealed that he was asked to withdraw the complaint from the police several times. He was also offered monetary compensation in return. After he refused, attempts were made to convince him violently (i.e. to beat him). However, since he’s an ex-Russian army veteran who served in the Afghanistan War, and is a former member of Russian special forces, he was not moved by the beatings.

He said he expected the rapist to receive a relatively light punishment. He prepared tactical throwing knives based on sketches he had found on the Internet and practiced tossing them for several weeks until he reached a stage where he would easily hit a pumpkin from a distance of 20 meters.

throwing knives

After the verdict was handed down to the defendant, he stood up and threw three knives in the direction of the rapist, killing him on the spot. In the trial of the father, the jury sentenced him to eight years probation. He was released immediately after the sentencing. The relatively lenient punishment was given, inter alia, due to the fact that most jurors also had daughters of different ages.