72 Virgins For Every Muslim? Here’s The Truth About The Myth

You’ve probably heard about the maiden thing, right? First of all, there are virgins. Well, no one really knows if there are virgins or not, but in Islamic theology there is the idea of beautiful virgins. It is mentioned both in the Quran and in the hadiths (the Islamic version of Oral Law, simply put). It is said both in the Koran and among the Ahmadiyya that there is a Muslim believer who does God’s right. In other words – not everyone who calls themselves a Muslim is actually one.

Secondly, how many virgins will be there, exactly? It’s not entirely clear. There are sources that say up to a hundred, there are sources that point to the number 72. Without entering the level of credibility of any source in the eyes of the commentators of Islam, one can conclude that this is probably a number that is intended to illustrate a large quantity, like typological numbers in the Bible, rather than a fixed and measured quantity.


Additionally, they do not come from this world, as opposed to jokes in all kinds of cartoons about the lack of virgins or virgin men instead of females. Instead, they are created in heaven to marry the believers who manage to get there. They are neither human nor aging – because they are inhuman. Therefore, it should not interfere with the women of the Muslim believer when he joins. In fact, the women would also be prettier than those virgins (all their flaws would be erased and they would be astonishing in their beauty.)

Third, what about the idea that this is one of the privileges of shahada? First and foremost, one must remember that Shahid, in principle, is also someone who died of an illness or in a car accident, for example. The highest degree of martyrdom is death for the sake of God (“for the sake of Allah”); however, this does not deprive everyone else of their status.


Sheikh Jibril Haddad notes that there will be 72 women from the ranks (again, not necessarily accurate), but in the same answer he also says that every believer will have up to 100 concubines. In other words, even people who have died an ordinary death will be subject to completely different conditions, as long as they are loyal to Islam.