Have You Heard of Cryonic Freezing? 200 People Already Permanently Frozen Worldwide!

To date, there are about 200 people frozen all over the world. All of them are waiting to wake up one day, when technology is sufficiently advanced to thaw them and bring them back to life.

The process is called “cryonics.” It involves freezing living people suffering from diseases that modern medicine can not cure at the moment. This is done in the hopes that they can awake in the future and be cured.


Actually, several cases are just people who wanted to be frozen and then (hopefully) awaken in the future. It is estimated that the technology will be available within the next 100 years.

Cryonic freezing also appears in movies such as “Avatar”, “Alien”, “Austin Powers” and the game “Fallout 4.” That being said, if you want to freeze yourself and (maybe) wake upĀ in the future, it will cost you around $30,000, including another $ 500 yearly. A real bargain if you’re looking for immortality, right?