12-Year-Old Kidnapped Girl in Ethiopia Was Saved By Three Lionesses After Hearing Her Scream From Torture

three lionesses

Year: 2005, place: Ethiopia. A 12-year-old girl is on her way home at the end of a school day, without knowing that no less than seven men are waiting to ambush her on the way back in order to kidnap her and forcibly marry her to one of the kidnappers (a phenomenon well known in the United Nations at the time).

12-year-old girl abducted and saved by lions

The helpless girl was, unfortunately, successfully abducted, and then beaten repeatedly for an entire week. According to local police reports, while her kidnappers were preparing to move her, her cries apparently attracted three lionesses. The wild animals, surprisingly, simply chased the kidnappers and rescued the little girl from a numerous tortures.

woman kissing a lion

But, the story doesn’t end there. For about half a day, the lionesses were on guard and protected the girl, and when the police found them, the lionesses left the girl as a ‘gift’ (as a local policeman put it) and simply turned away and ran toward the forest. The girl was saved from her kidnappers thanks to none other than wild animals.




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